Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) | Gurdeep Pandher | Celebrating Diversity/Inclusion via Bhangra

Canadian Armed Forces and Gurdeep Pandher collaborated to create this Punjabi Bhangra dance video to celebrate diversity and inclusion in The Canadian Forces. Soldiers from different backgrounds make “One Force” with “One Love” for Canada and Canadians. Share it to celebrate “Diversity in our National Defence and Military”!

All of this is to say that this video has rightfully generated and received a lot of reviews. Gurdeep Pandher created this video in collaboration with the Canadian Air Force in order to celebrate diversity and inclusion within the Canadian Military. The video also has helped to spread his message that “we people are all together”! It does not matter what faith we follow, what kinds of clothes we wear, the colour of our skin, or what our background is; we are all fellow humans at the end of the day.”

What is Bhangra dance: –

Bhangra is a folk dance of Punjab, which was developed by Punjabi-Sikh farmers many centuries ago. It is a high-energy dance, therefore it is also a great workout and fitness activity.

Shout-out from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:-

PM Justin Trudeau Shared Gurdeep Pandher's Work



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