When Folks Dance Bhangra | Gurdeep Pandher | EMYS | Whitehorse | Yukon

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Subscribe to Channel:— http://gurdeep.info || Yukon’s Extremely Moving Youth Society, Gurdeep Pandher and his students rock at the Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse, Canada) with a powerful Bhangra dance | East and West sharing arts together | Building cultural bridges | Choreographed by Gurdeep Pandher
Track:— When Folks Dance Bhangra
Music/Lyrics/Choreography/Editing:— Gurdeep Pandher
Singers:— Gurdeep Pandher | Lianne Cranfield
Bhangra Dance:— Gurdeep Pandher | Gurdeep’s Dance Students | Extremely Moving Youth Society (EMYS), Whitehorse
Special Thanks:— Katie Lynn | Mellisa Murray | Andrea Simpson-Fowler
Camera:— Jake Paleczny | Lee Carruthers
Occasion:— Bhangra – Dance of Punjab
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Made with Love at Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, Canada
Copyright:— A Gurdeep Pandher Film | Gurdeep.ca
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When Folks Dance Bhangra
When Folks Dance Bhangra