Week 2 Assignment

in Yukon College
  1. Many Indigenous peoples believe that they have been here since time immemorial, while scientists, for the most part, believe that various groups migrated from Asia and the South Pacific during the last ice age. what do you think of these beliefs and how do you reconcile them with your own beliefs?

1) Both sides carry their own wonderful and strong views. Indigenous people believe that from time immemorial, the lands of the Yukon have been and continue to be the sacred home of Indigenous Peoples and Nations. They further believe that their distinct identities, cultures, languages and traditions, have also been guided by many common purposes and beliefs from the time when life started. For example, the stories of Crow and Wolf tell us how the The Earth, The Sun, The Moon and stars came into existence. How the world got light. On the other hand, scientific view is different. Science holds the view that the first people in Yukon migrated from Asia and the South Pacific near the end of the Ice Age. The earliest evidence of people in the Arctic region dates to thousands of years ago in northern Siberia during a relatively warm period of the Ice Age. But this is very difficult to decide which side is correct. In some ways, this is very controversial subject. I think combination of both sides may be a near-correct answer to this question.

  1. After watching the film: Secrets from the Ice, name two of the Yukon First Nation whose traditional territory have ice patches and name two precontact tools found on them.

From the film, Secrets of the Ice, two of the Yukon First Nation whose traditional territory have ice patches are :- 1) Champagne and Aishihik First Nations 2) Tlingit First Nations. The precontact tools found on them are: 1) Microblade/Arrowhead 2) Atlatl