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Stigma can a forced thought in mind, whirl-pooling in a confined space. Sometimes it needs an outlet to see the bigger or better world so that fresh air (I mean perspective) can bring joy of change. A stigma can hinder your growth as a human being.

In western world, I felt turban stigmas. That’s I decided to start wearing my turban again and more often. I went clean-shaven in 2007 to match my look to more western, but when I realized stereotypes in general society, I decided to wear my turban. Today I am so happy that I took that decision. More happy I am because my close friends supported me in my mission to bring the change.

The Mayor of City of Whitehorse, Yukon Mr. Dan Curtis created history this week by becoming the first Canadian Mayor to learn the art of wearing a Sikh turban. He wore the turban on his head and then danced Punjabi bhangra with Gurdeep Pandher who gave him the Sikh turban wearing and bhangra lesson. Then with the turban on his head, the mayor declared the City of Whitehorse as the diversity friendly city. Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory in Canada.

Mayor of Whitehorse, Mr. Dan Curtis
Mayor of Whitehorse, Mr. Dan Curtis

Melanie Hackett