Bhangra - Dance of the Punjab

Thanks for Making “Bhangra – Dance of the Punjab” A Memorable Concert

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So it was a good show last night! I must tell you the truth – it was an awesome, totally successful, and high-energy show. Things went well the way we planned in the running order. We were so punctual that we started it on time and ended it on time. Any concert, gathering or event is not fully complete without thanking those who helped you making your effort successful. I have a long list of thanks.

Bhangra - Dance of the Punjab
Bhangra – Dance of the Punjab

First, I am thankful to students from my bhagnra dance school Shari A.K. Heal, Gabriella Peter, Christie Harper, Kristina Beckmann, Katie Thom, Rupinder Aujla, and Jana Brandt for performing with me on the stage. I am also thankful to many other students who were not at the stage, but joined as audience and supported us in the background. I am equally thankful to my beautiful and close friends from Crooked Folk band who created Irish/Scottish traditional music to make it like a lovely Punjabi-Irish-Scottish-French international fusion. They are Keitha Clark with fiddle, Jerome McIntyre with bodhran/cajon, Calla Paleczny with guitar/mandolin, Lee Coving with Irish whistles/small pipes and Bj MacLean with guitar. Thanks to Katie Avery as well! Thank you, Calla Paleczny, for singing the beautiful and traditional French Song. Grant Simpson, you did a wonderful job by becoming our wonderful MC, Thank You! I am also thankful to Brenda Pilatzke-Vanier, Josh Jansen, and Kasey Rae Anderson from The Yukon Arts Centre/Old Fire Hall for their full corporations with open-hearts. I am so thankful to Katherine McCallum and her crew from Larrikin Entertainment for running the cash bar and serving our guests with fun and smiling faces. Thank you, guys! Our volunteers and sponsors deserve big claps for their tremendous support. They are Yukon, North of Ordinary Media, Matt Jacques Photography, Yukon Transportation Museum, Leaping Feats, and Realtor Marj Eschak. Thank you, Greg Karais, for being a wonderful friend! Thank you Janna Banana for opening the doors of Yukon Transportation Museum for us and providing us free space! Thank you, Andrea Simpson-Fowler, for allowing us to use space at Leaping Feats! My friend, Rod Jacob, you are an awesome guy. Please accept my “thanks” for volunteering your time for making professional videos at our show! Thank you, Jake Paleczny, for letting us use your camera as our third camera. Thank you, Laurie Tamminen and Helen O’Connor for becoming our volunteers! Thank you, Larry Bagnell and Melissa Bagnell for your wonderful and ongoing support to my arts and watching the show in-person. Thanks to Mayor Dan Curtis for his great support as well! I am so much thankful to my friends from Yukon’s media like CBC Yukon, Yukon News, The Whitehorse Star, What’s Up Yukon, and off course Yukon, North of Ordinary for running stories in their Shows/TVs/Publications. I am also thankful to Dino Rudniski and his YukonEvents portal/group for help in spreading the word out. Big, medium, or small, they are all great with great hearts. I always say, Yukon has amazing media/press people and they are very cool.

Most importantly, thanks to all the wonderful people who purchased tickets to our show and watched it as an engaging audience!

Thanks to all other friends who made “Bhangra – Dance of the Punjab” as a memorable event! Love you all!

And all this made me feel, once again, that the whole Yukon is just like a village of friends! Makes me feel like my own little village “Siahar” in Punjab.

XO from my core,
– Gurdeep Pandher

Bhangra - Dance of the Punjab
Bhangra – Dance of the Punjab

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