Thank you, Yukoners!

Although I felt honoured that our CBC recently wrote that “Gurdeep Pandher, who could be considered Yukon’s most famous person on social media”. But you know what, being famous is Ok, having


In beautiful goldensides hike of Tombstone

You asked me why I had packed my bags and moved to the Yukon! Here is the answer! By the way, relaxing after a good hike in the beautiful goldensides hike-trail of


One Yukon

This is what I love about the Yukon. People from all walks of life gather and celebrate the territory's heritage together. Let's pledge to keep the Yukon a racism-free corner of the


The Yukon and Nature

The Yukon and nature are two synonymous terms! Or one completes the other!  Photo by: Gurdeep Pandher Photo: A lake from hidden lakes

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