Japji – The Sikh Prayer

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Japji is a Sikh prayer which was written by Guru Nanak (15 April 1469 – 22 September 1539). Nanak founded Sikhism. This Sikh prayer appears at the beginning of the holy book of this peaceful religion. The book is known as Guru Granth Sahib.

Written in poetic form, with a perfect rhyme structure, Japji may be recited like a poem or sung as a song, with musical accompaniment. The prayer is also considered to relate the purest essence of the Sikh faith.

The original Japji prayer is longer than the one which we are featuring in this video today. Gurdeep and Kate are reciting its first two paragraphs.

The essence of Japji is that we are all One. We all have One God. Truth is God. He is genderless, ageless, and formless. He lives everywhere, in all creatures including plants and animals, in nature and everywhere in the universe. Every creature of nature is a friend because God lives in every person and in every creature.

Sikhism is connected to the spiritual properties of nature. To Sikhs, air is a teacher, water is our father and earth is our mother.