Thank you so much!

We earn and we give back to our families, communities, and people we love. In a bigger perspective, the whole world is our family. Here are some of efforts Gurdeep made in the service of communities or to express his thankfulness to:-

  • Charity Bhangra Event to raise funds for Whitehorse Outreach Van, a free service Many Rivers Counselling
  • Nepal floods 
  • Donated to Whitehorse Food Bank
  • Volunteer for Consent Crew
  • Good Deeds Cup Whitehorse Volunteer
  • Donated to Yukon artist Fawn Fritzen’s music to support her CD release.
  • Donated to Red Cross.
  • Donated to Yukon Trappers Association (Donation to: Love For Valerie and Adele) | November 29, 2018.
  • During 2018 Bhangra show, created by Gurdeep, Yukon’s charities raised more than $1500 via their silent auction to benefit non-profit local societies. Their proceeds went to Humane Society Yukon and Little Footprints, Big Steps in appreciation of their launch of their new thrift store Whitehorse Yukon Community Thrift Store. They sold everything which they brought on their tables.

Note: other things and details will be added here soon….