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Bhangra at Wharf

Bhangra entertainment we provided yesterday during lunch hour at WHARF! Thanks to The Yukon Arts Centre, for hosting it! Many thanks to Gabriella, for being my dancing partner! Many thanks to other

Serene Quietness

Reflections on Women’s March

What a busy day! However before the day gets more darker, I want to add a few words in the support of thousands of women who were marching today. I was raised

Guru Nanak Ji

Happy 547th Birthday, Guru Nanak Ji!

Happy Birthday, Guru Nanak! Today is the birthday of Guru Nanak who is the founder of Sikhism, the “faith” I follow! Guru Nanak was born in 1469 and passed away in 1539.

Karolina Demianczuk

Karolina Demianczuk to Visit the Yukon

Read the article written by my talented friend from the Silicon Valley. She is the founder of the Spontime, a 3-million tech enterprise according to the Forbes. And she is coming to

Sandy Silver Yukon Premier

My Expectation from You, Sandy Silver!

Okay, Sandy Silver! So you are my next premier. Many many congrats! In your very recent statement, I specifically liked the words “positivity, inclusivity and respect”, which made me feel “included and


Good luck, all the candidates

Last weekend! Wishing you a good luck, all the candidates from all the parties❤️🍁! You all have been working so hard and I hope your hard work pays off!👍😊

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