Status Updates

Maura Forrest and Gurdeep Pandher

Revisiting the childhood

It was wonderful to do a great coffee-conversation with my visiting friend Maura Forrest from Ottawa today who is a journalist with National Post there. More:- Yukon News “City under siege by

Card from Yukon Kids

Thank you, Kids from Whitehorse!

This kind of love cannot be replaced by any amount of money or any form of materials! Thank for sending this beautiful card, wonderful Whitehorse children! Thanks for letting me share my


Big Samosa Night | Kudos to Many

Folks, we worked all night long to make samosas! We started at 6:30 PM and ended at 7 AM😳😳! We worked so much. So please come and join tonight to enjoy the


Atlin lake

Atlin lake looks like a peaceful paradise! I would like to hike Atlin mountain one day! Every year, during the Atlin Music Festival, it’s great to spend some moments with this lake.


Yukon’s Bush-Walkers

Yukon’s bush-walkers! It was awesome to do a great bush-walking with Lee Covin, Emma, Erin Brost, Mitch Brost, and John in Yukon’s Ibex Valley. 


Happy Birthday, Canada

Today is Canada Day. It’s also 150th anniversary of the confederation. We are happy to celebrate the special day of our nation. When I think of the world, I feel fortunate to

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