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Be A Child Again

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Do you remember those carefree days you spent when you were young, not a care in the world? Do you sometimes sit at home wondering what happened to the past version of yourself that loved ice cream cones, ran through sprinklers, and rode your bike everywhere? Obviously, we grow up and our interests shift, but you don’t have to give up being a kid for good. If you’re an adult every single moment of every day, it gets boring and stuffy; so go out and reclaim you childish side!

You don’t have to quit your day job in order to be childish, simple acts every day works just as well. In the morning, skip your coffee and get a hot chocolate. Instead of drinking wine, have some soda water. Just changing your diet to resemble a child’s can give you a fresh perspective. However, don’t go overboard. An occasional treat is fine, coke and chips for every meal is not.

This may sound like a no brainer, but going outside can raise your mood. Unless you were a very unhealthy and inactive child, playing outside with friends was probably the highlight of your day. Just for fun, schedule a sports tournament with your coworkers and friends over a weekend. It’s perfect for getting everyone together to unwind and be active. To make the day even more interesting, invite the children of your friends to join in. Before you know it, the day will have flown by in a flurry of fun and competition.

A huge part of being a child is the childish antics. It’s okay to be immature sometimes, so feel free to pull small pranks on your friends from time to time or make up inappropriate jokes. However, be aware your main responsibility is still to be an adult, so make sure not to go overboard. Also, make sure your pranks are harmless, and that your jokes are heard by your friends only after work hours, not by your boss in the office. Activities like a water balloon fight or laser tag, however, can be enjoyed with whomever you want.

With the right attitude, it’s very easy to awaken your childish side once again. Sometimes, you just need a break from reality and take a trip down memory lane. In fact, reverting back to a kid for a short time can boost your mood, and simplify your life. The next time you want to just bike the whole day away or break your diet for that snow cone, don’t feel guilty. It’s perfectly fine to indulge yourself.

No more heartbeats, it’s beep-beep-beep

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Wide Spread Nature
Wide Spread Nature

In a world where technology is as commonplace as shoes, each person being able to own anything and everything imaginable from televisions thin as paper to phones with better cameras than some of the devices actually built for photography only a few years ago. Never before have people been so closely linked together, someone being able to sit in an empty room and talk to ten people simultaneously in ten different conversations. The term ‘friend’ is used to describe a tiny square picture on a glowing screen with their full name typed out as if the name of a friend was something one would easily forget.

Strangely enough, the more traction virtual connection gains, the harder it becomes to connect personally, face-to-face as people have done since the beginning of time. Dating has been reduced to a series of swipes, conversations littered with emoticons and almost incomprehensible abbreviations wrapped in blue and green bubbles, each emitting a ‘beep’ when someone replies. Although this is certainly convenient, to a certain extent, it can quickly overtake society, reducing someone to a sequence of letters, easily deleted and forgotten. With communication literally at their fingertips, people lose the ability to talk meaningfully with one another, preferring the safety of the screen.

Additionally, the technology easily becomes filler, inhibiting the desire for human interaction. Whereas before, if a silence settled down to blanket a dinner party, guests would be inspired to become creative and attempt to start conversations. It is all too easy now to simply pull out a phone and get lost in the worlds of people who might make better companions. Not only do virtual connections stop the development for meaningful conversations, they prevent the existence of new real-world connections by sucking the time and energy from their victims.

Furthermore, with information on everyone free-flowing on the internet, employers and admissions directors at universities do not have any qualms about scanning their applicants’ social media pages, trying to find a reason to reject them. While this certainly has its benefits, it also promotes automatic judgment and stereotyping, labeling someone as incapable or unintelligent because of a few mistakes made on the web, a permanent entity that hoards its treasures. This way, opportunities are automatically closed for some people, simply because employers know too much about them even before seeing their face in real life, making rash criticisms without ever meeting the visage on the screen.

Overall, while the internet certainly makes communicating and connecting with friends far away a breeze, it can inhibit the ability to build real relationships away from the screen. By giving away too much information, providing an easy gateway to entertainment, and making it more efficient than ever to have a conversation with someone, technology is slowly sapping away the colors in the world, resulting in a digital landscape with frozen profile pictures instead of emotional human beings, and the abbreviation of ‘LOL’ instead of truly laughing out loud. Unnoticed by most, it is a killer, stealing not lives, but souls.

A book as your friend is a great friend

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A book as your friend is a great friend
A book as your friend is a great friend

If you’re still stuck in the era of reading only for English courses, now’s the time to broaden your horizons. In addition to being a fun, healthy hobby, reading takes you to new places and enriches your mind for no, or low, price. However, if you are not in the habit of bringing a good book with you wherever you go, it can seem hard to get started. In reality, though, all it takes is finding your interests, picking the book, and gradually widening the variety of your selections. Are you ready to put yourself on the path to greater knowledge?

First, consider what you are interested in. Begin with whether you want to read fiction, non-fiction, or a little bit of both. Then, consider your genre of interest. What do you want your book’s theme to be? Conventional genres like romance and science fiction are good starts, but feel free to mix genres to tailor your book specific to your needs. The possibilities are endless. Finally, consider the details such as author or length. This step is optional if you want more choices, rather than a restricted set of books. After you are done composing your criteria, you are ready to search for your novel!

Books can be found everywhere, from libraries to stores, so you have your work cut out for you. To make your search easier, head over to the internet, where book recommendations, reviews, and store locations are all just a click away. Goodreads, a book review site, actually recommends books to you based on what you have already read. Once you know which book you want to get, head to the store or the library. In truth, the library is the best place to go, since it’s free, and you can easily return the book if you don’t like it, saving you money and space. After you have the book in your hands, it’s time to start reading!

An important thing to remember is to broaden your horizons. There is no interest in reading about a heterosexual white couple falling in love for the thousandth variation, nor is there anything refreshing about yet another teen that just happens to stumble upon a magical realm. Instead, try different books from different genres and age groups to keep reading fresh and exciting, rather than having just another déjà vu feeling. Keep an open mind, and you may find an unexpected interest.

It may seem less interesting that your phone, but reading unlocks a lot more mental doors. In books, you find brave heroes, exotic locales, and possibly characters you identify with on a personal level. Free, interesting, and easy to get, books make perfect companions for any day and occasion. In addition, they make great conversation starters, and can connect you with real life people you would have never met before. So what are you waiting for? Curl up in your favourite chair, pour a cup of tea, and read.

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